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Supportive Links for ADHD

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Take a look at these links for ADHD support

Sometimes we all need a bit of help, these four links have been selected to do just that. 

Firstly, the Attention Deficit Disorder Association, a great group, with many thousands of members and regular support groups. They support and recognise the need to connect with like-minds and provide real facilities to allow people to grow and develop.


Secondly, Verywell Mind, part of the dot-dash publishing group and partnered with the Cleveland Clinic, is a resource to provide you with the most up-to-the-minute thoughts and research on mental health. This is a great website to browse if you need to get some ideas or information to help you or your children through the tough periods or stages of diagnosis.

The link below, however, is particularly focused on providing you with a list of good book choices for children with ADHD. It focuses on providing suggested book titles that are age-appropriate and contain writing that children, specifically, those with ADHD can relate to. Well worth a visit!


This next link I would encourage you to visit is from the APA – the American Psychological Association. This group has something in the region 50 different departments, each specialising in a specific area of psychology. The research and size of this group make it a great choice to keep the pace of developments and thinking.

The link I thought to be of particular value to those with or those who have a child with ADHD provides you with access to several different daily charts or lists – it allows ADHD sufferers to take a degree of control and a point to refer back to when they wandered off track, try a new morning routine checklist or opt for planning a simple project. The latter can be a useful ‘carrot’ incentive – perhaps the new project could be something they really want to buy or do – using the earlier templates can really assist in providing focus to the ultimate goal.


The final link is to ADDitude – this site offers a range of materials – community resources, links, often used by professionals and other material, generally designed to support, inform and provide resources.

The specific link is an interesting article that differentiates between ADD and ADHD. It covers in-depth the differences and symptoms and how the condition will tend to manifest in children and adults. It also provides further support to those of you wishing to take the next steps.

If you would like to discuss symptoms or concerns relating to ADD or ADHD – Phoenix Dyslexia Consulting can offer a range of services for a number of SpLDs, this includes specialist diagnosis, testing and assessments of the condition. We are a small team that strives to provide support to help each individual succeed and achieve in life, this extends to working or school situations as well as social interactions and developing healthy interests and leisure time pursuits.

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