Hey there! Struggling with your studies? Don't qualify for DSA? We've got you covered. PDC offers specialist study skills support to help you excel in your academic journey. 

From note-taking and time management to exam preparation and research skills, our team of experts will guide you every step of the way. Don't let stress get the best of you - reach out to us today and let's make studying a breeze together!

Specialist Study Skills Support

How PDC Specialist Study Skills Support can help you!

Assignment Planning:
  • Develop techniques to initiate and complete assignments efficiently
  • Break down tasks into manageable sections tailored to your needs
Study Techniques:
  • Master note-taking methods to capture essential information
  • Implement test preparation strategies for optimal performance
  • Improve reading comprehension and critical thinking abilities
  • Organise your study materials and workspace for maximum productivity
Reading and Research Strategies:
  • Develop skills to read academic texts critically and efficiently
  • Conduct research using appropriate sources and databases
  • Evaluate and synthesise information from multiple sources
Note-taking Skills:
  • Explore various note-taking methods (e.g., Cornell, mind mapping)
  • Identify and record key information during lectures or readings
Time Management and Organisation:
  • Implement strategies to prioritise tasks and manage your time effectively
  • Organise your study materials, schedules, and workspace efficiently
Revision and Presentation Strategies:
  • Develop techniques to review and reinforce your learning
  • Prepare and deliver effective academic presentations
Citation and Revision Skills:
  • Learn to correctly cite sources in your academic work
  • Revise and refine your written assignments for clarity and coherence
Proofreading Support:
  • Receive guidance on spelling, grammar, punctuation, and editing
  • Enhance your proofreading abilities for polished academic work
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Specialist Study Skills Support - The Importance of Personalised Study Plans at School, Further Education and University

Specialist Study Skills Support

At PDC, we believe that personalised study plans are the key to academic success. By tailoring our strategies to your individual needs, we can help you optimise your learning potential and achieve your goals. Understanding your personal strengths and areas for improvement allows us to target our efforts effectively, cultivating confidence and motivation in the process. With the guidance of a qualified tutor, we can guide you in creating a personalised study plan that fits your specific learning style and needs. Let us help you unlock your full potential - contact us about Specialist Study Skills Support from our Academic Skills team today!
Our team at Student Disability and Inclusion also offers specialist support for students with specific learning differences, such as dyslexia and dyspraxia, and who may identify as neurodivergent. This includes personalised study skills support, providing 1:1 sessions with a specialist practitioner for practical study advice and support.

Study Skills Support ENquiries

Time Management and Organization Techniques

Mastering the art of studying is all about nailing your time management game and getting organized like a boss. Prioritising what needs to get done, setting realistic goals, and crafting a solid study schedule are the building blocks of productivity. When you structure your time like a pro, you can dedicate the right amount of effort to each task without burning out. Maintaining that perfect balance is key. Organising your life with tricks like making to-do lists and leveraging apps or digital tools can take your study sessions to the next level. These hacks keep you laser-focused and help you make the most of your study time. No more wasting hours trying to figure out what to do next – you'll be a lean, mean, studying machine.

Prioritising Tasks and Setting Goals

Setting clear goals and prioritizing tasks are essential study skills. By establishing specific objectives, students can focus on what truly matters. Prioritising tasks ensures that time is allocated efficiently, addressing urgent and important activities first. This helps in avoiding last-minute rushes and reduces stress. Effective goal-setting provides a roadmap for success and boosts motivation. By mastering the art of prioritisation and organisation, students can enhance productivity and achieve academic excellence through the use of online tutorials and workshops.

Creating a Study Schedule That Works

To create a study schedule that works, start by outlining your daily commitments and available study time. Use time management techniques to allocate specific periods for each subject or task. Consider your peak cognitive hours for complex topics. Utilise digital tools like online calendars or apps to track your schedule efficiently. Ensure regular breaks to maintain focus and prevent burnout. Flexibility is key, allowing adjustments for unexpected events while maintaining overall consistency in your study routine.

Specialist Study Skills Support

Note-Taking Software/Apps

You can seriously level up your University note-taking game by getting into some more advanced methods like the Cornell Method and mind mapping. The Cornell way helps you stay organized with its split-page layout for notes on one side and summarising key points on the other. Mind mapping is all about flexing your creative muscles and making connections between ideas through those rad branching diagrams. Instead of just mindlessly transcribing, these techniques force you to actually think about and process the material. 
The Cornell Method makes you summarise stuff in your own words, which really cements it in your brain. And mind maps let you visualise how concepts link together in a way that just clicks. If you start working these strategies into your study routine, you'll remember way more and get way more out of that study sesh. It's like unlocking note-taking's final form - better comprehension, better retention, the whole nine yards. Your learning game is about to be off the charts! Let our Specialist Study Skills Support guide you through note taking and developing effective writing skills!

Specialist Study Skills Support

Notion is a cool note-taking app that you can use on the web or through apps, and it even works offline. It lets you jot down notes, organize stuff in a database, and toss in things like images and files. The best part? You can add up to five other people for free and work on notes together as a team.

Study Skills Support Enquires DSA NMH Support
Specialist Study Skills Support

What are the most effective study skills for improving academic performance?

Effective study skills include active reading, summarising key points, creating flashcards, teaching others, and taking regular breaks. Additionally, practicing past exam papers, setting specific goals, staying organised, and seeking help when needed can significantly enhance academic performance - read on for more frequently asked questions!

How can time management play a crucial role in enhancing study skills?

Effective time management ensures tasks are completed efficiently, reducing stress and increasing productivity. Prioritizing study sessions, setting goals, and creating a schedule can help students allocate ample time for learning, leading to better retention and understanding of the material.

Are there specific study skills that work better for certain subjects or types of learners?

Yes, certain study skills can be more effective for different subjects or learning styles. For example, visual learners might benefit from using diagrams and charts for subjects like biology, while auditory learners may find recording and listening to lectures helpful for subjects like history or literature.

What role does mindset and motivation play in developing strong study skills?

Mindset and motivation are crucial in developing strong study skills. A positive mindset helps in overcoming challenges, while motivation fuels determination to succeed. By cultivating a growth mindset and staying motivated, students can enhance focus, productivity, and resilience in their academic pursuits.

What are some unconventional or lesser-known study skills that have proven to be effective?

Unconventional study skills like chewing gum while studying to increase alertness, using different scents for various subjects to trigger memory, and practicing the "Feynman Technique," where you teach what you've learned in simple terms, have shown effectiveness in boosting retention and understanding.

How can technology be utilised to enhance study skills and productivity?

Technology can enhance study skills and productivity by using apps for note-taking, organising tasks, creating flashcards, and setting reminders. Online tools like Google Drive, Trello, and Forest App can streamline study processes, improve time management, and increase focus for better academic performance.

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