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DSA Non-Medical Helper (NMH) Support

Pheonix Dyslexia Consulting has been a trusted provider of NMH services for DSA students, consistently demonstrating our commitment to student-centred and impactful support. 

We know that deciding and moving to university or college can be an exciting and stressful time. At PDC, we aim to make this transition as smooth as possible. We have years of experience in providing educational support (Non-medical helpers) via Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) to support disabled students to be able to access education and workplace settings. We pride ourselves on ensuring the support we provide matches with the student’s and course needs.

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Needs Assessors

We are a team of experienced, passionate, and dedicated Dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADhD and Autism job and strategy coaches who provide:
DSA Non-Medical Help (NMH) Support
Individual Coaching sessions 
Join Coaching Sessions for managers and staff members 
Assistive Technology Training 
Disability Awareness Training 
Employer and Organisational  Consultancy Services 
Efficiency and Productivity Audits and Training Programs 

All our coaches hold at least a level 5 qualification in SpLD coaching, tutoring and strategy development with between 5 - 10 years of experience working with individuals who have a range of different SpLDs and physical disabilities.  We  have experience in various workplaces and industries, ensuring we can offer practical solutions based on tried and tested methods as well as our own real-life experience.  
We are members of AdShe and Patoss, undertake frequent CPD and peer-to-peer supervision, and hold liability insurance. Internally, we keep up to date on new strategies, assistive technology, mental health support and safeguarding processes. 

we have many, wonderful 

Success Stories

We have many wonderful success stories including:
- Promotion
- within the company
- Achieving the “dream job”
- Taking on professional training
- Setting up their own business
- Improved work relationships
- Self-advocacy
and supporting others within their workplace
- Creating positive change within their company

Needs Assessors. Studying.

Every training program starts with an “audit” of the current situation looking at both the person and the environment in which they work. We work on a whole-person approach to ensure clients feel seen, heard and are confident and happy in their training with us.  

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