Dyslexia Services

Dyslexia Services: Creating
Clarity for All

Our mission is to ensure every person with a  Neurodiversity gets the support and guidance they need through our dyslexia services to reach their potential. 

Young or old we can help you in your journey, no matter what that is. We love hearing success stories from our past clients and knowing we have helped them in their journey.

From the early stages of screening and diagnosis, PDC can assist and support you or your child in managing and over coming various challenges, whether suffering with Dyslexia or Dyspraxia, ADHD or other special needs condition.
Phoenix Consulting can help you with access to work schemes and also many other services for the workplace. 

Children and Teenagers 

From diagnosis, learning to combat and understand a condition through to help with exams and beyond, visit to find out more about how PDC work with Children and young people suffering from dyslexia.

We also provide services for those with ADHD, dyspraxia and special needs.

DSA Needs Assessments
Workplace and Access to Work

PDC offer a comprehensive range of services that are workplace related to the employer and the employee. Visit to discover more about what we can do for you.

This includes information about Needs assessments, Access to work, coaching and training specific to the workplace.

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Adult services

If you are in the initial stages of trying to find a dyslexia test or looking for on-going support and tuition, PDC can offer dyslexia services for adults.

PDC can offer screening, advice and diagnosis and full assessment services and are experienced in testing for dyslexia in adults.

Screening and Assessments

To discover more about taking the first steps in managing a learning difficulty and starting to take advantage of the many support packages available to you, your child or employer - we recommend a free screening test, you can also book a consultation once this is completed. 

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If you are a Needs Assessor looking for a partnership or affiliation, please do contact us directly.

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If you prefer to talk to us about a specific query or situation, or require advice, please do call or email or book a consultation