Dyslexia Links, Case Studies and Resources

Please find a series of infographics, links and resources that PDC hope will shed additional light on the subjects of dealing with dyslexia and achieving success.

PDC actively try to visualise methods and acclaimed models and practice, we believe that visual learning is particularly important and that relationships and processes are often best communicated through this medium - for those with or without dyslexia.

To visualise Success

Case Studies

Case study - law enforcement services

Training on disability helps managers and colleagues become more aware of the issues that can affect staff with disabilities and increase their …
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Supporting you 

Phoenix Dyslexia Consulting aim to provide a total and bespoke service to each individual as an individual, along-side the various functions available through this site, we are developing resources for you to browse.    

Essentially, we are aiming to provide you with information that can help you and to 'group' that information to our most requested topic areas, these are:
Learning about Dyslexia in young people. 
Learning about coping with Dyslexia. 
Feeling confident in the workplace. 
Understanding the processes of assessments and screening.
Understanding the options open to you in terms of support – at school, at work, socially etc. 
Providing resources to help guide you to trusted companies for tools and tips on Dyslexia and SpLDs. 
Providing Case Studies to allow you to get to know what you should expect from PDC and understand what you should be receiving. 
Offers and Promotions – providing our clients the opportunity to save money and receive additional benefits.

 We always welcome feedback and comments and would encourage you to get in touch if there is a particular topic you would like to see us elaborate on and also encourage you to follow and join-in with our community online. 

Phoenix Dyslexia Consulting’s founding director has dyslexia herself, and is keen to address not only the scientific and combative approaches each individual requires, but also to provide emotional support and guidance, and strongly believes that knowledge sharing and community spaces are essential to achieve that wellbeing and peace of mind to logically and calmly tackle any issue that may come your way. Whether these stem from the stress of a situation or general anxiety, knowing that other people are in a similar situation or knowing how others have overcome their own hurdles is often the best way to gain confidence and insight on your own solutions.    

By providing these Case Studies and resources on dyslexia, we hope to be able to provide an additional, trusted and experienced opinion and professional advice to assist you as a parent, young person or adult overcome your challenges and succeed in life, work and wellbeing, take control and approach your situation with a positive and constructive mindset.

We will regularly be updating the content and providing infographics and topical information for you to explore and enjoy learning. We offer each of these pages with audio and often try and tackle some of the more complex areas with infographics or visuals, these additions are incorporated to provide an extra degree of accessibility to learn about dyslexia and SpLDs, the assessments, tuition and benefits that help you achieve what you want to.


Knowledge Sharing

Handy hints and professional advice on Dyslexia and SpLDs

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Dyslexia Links and Resources

Understanding Neurodiversity

A guide to SpLD

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Teaching for Neurodiversity

Engage Learners with SEND

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Sample Pupil Profile


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Sample Pupil Profile


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Helpful Links

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Cameron Grant Trust
Campaign Against Living Miserably
Students Against Depression

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