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Cognitive Skills and Cognitive Ability

Take a look at these resources to boost your mind and productivity.

Crucial to anyone whether you be an adult or a child is to understand and employ the best practices to be able to learn and develop and to absorb information in a connected manner.

Improving Mental Ability

In this article we are providing some links and resources for you to really develop your cognitive skills and cognitive ability, and provide you with the research and explanations behind the theories and techniques.

Meta Cognitive Skills

Meta Cognitive skills are essentially developing good practice and providing you with the skills to allow you to self-regulate and self-assess your thinking. It is an important aspect of both developing awareness and also allowing a structured and rational approach to your thinking – this principle and employing these techniques will allow you to approach learning, work tasks and social interactions, much more efficiently, with more focus – the end result should allow you to achieve realistic goals.


Closely associated with Meta cognition is Critical thinking

This is a slightly more advanced area, one that is very closely related to meta cognition, when fully understood, it is likely to improve your cognitive abilities and result in a higher level of intellectual understanding and equally the ability to converse and debate with more influence. In theory it is something we can start to teach to children – essentially it is the ability to think and reason objectively and to diligently gather the information necessary to structure reason.

We found this video from TEDtalks and thought you may appreciate the rationale –


Developing Cognitive Skills

Time management


This link provides you with some excellent resources to really delve into the principles and tools of time management, it is one of the most fundamental areas to ensure timely and accurate responses and output – whether this be approaching a work task, a day I the office or planning a renovation, party or other event – you have to be able to complete the work or tasks to structure what you able to commit to. The structure will be dependent on many factors – how much time you have and how much resource you have available to you – what elements need to be completed first – the priorities and essentially the goal – what standard is required or what time do the tasks need to be completed.

Initially of course you need to identify all the elements that need to be completed – and sometimes the first and most important step is to plan and make time to actually think through this fully and in a considered manner.

Improving Memory

Another skill is to be able to develop your memory and capacity to remember, this is something that often gets overlooked and essentially the first step is always to look at your health – ensuring you are getting enough sleep, rest, water, food, exercise are all factors that will effect your capacity to remember.

Kinesthetic Learning –

Kinesthetics are often utilised for teaching children


However, kinesthetics should not be overlooked as a learning technique for adults – in the workplace it is commonplace to collaboratively work using kinesthetic techniques – it is useful in areas such as ideation and project management and often used in agile working environments – essentially getting someone to physically move an object or write or create something that represents a thought, idea or task – categorise and visually represent the item within a timeline or mindmap or structure for example – this technique combines the visual with the kinesthetic and is designed to allow group discussion and a more memorable event as opposed to just reading a document in isolation.

This article may be of interest to anyone looking at enhancing or developing their own learning abilities or perhaps provide some ideas for collaborative training or project sessions in the workplace – https://virtualspeech.com/blog/adult-learning-styles-vak-model

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