Case Study – Supporting Staff

workplace confidence
prefer to listen?

Supporting staff during disciplinary hearings 


Discrimination in the workplace 


Consultancy, advice and evidence to support the employee


Disciplinary dropped and reasonable adjustments were finally implemented.

Undergoing a discipline process is difficult enough, however, if your employer has not carried out their legal responsibilities and have not put in place any reasonable adjustments you have requested, time and time again it is unlikely you are going to get a fair hearing or judgment. Our client came to us looking for advice on their situation and how to defend themselves and aim for fair treatment. We supported them in a number of ways.  

1 – helped to empower them by explaining their rights to them and what they should be asking for and how to advocate for himself 

2 – Worked with their advisor to help them understand disabilities, the impacts they may have on people in the workplace 

3 – Provided written evidence regarding the employee’s condition, the issues it causes them and how the Equalities Act applies to them in the workplace.  

The result was that the company cancelled the disciplinary meeting, implemented reasonable adjustments, assigned a mentor and arranged for extra time to complete paperwork.  

The employee is still in his role and with the help of a new manager is thriving. We are currently working with both the employee and his manager to further improve performance and understanding of the employees’ dyslexia.  

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